Waze Travel Time card with distance from current location to zone home setup

Hey guys,
Trying to setup a card for the Waze Travel Time integration, but cant get it to work quite right.
( Waze Travel Time - Home Assistant )

type: custom:mod-card
  type: custom:ha-card-waze-travel-time
  header: true
  name: Jochem
  unit: km
    - from
    - to
    - duration
    - distance
    - icon
    - entity: sensor.jochem_tracker

I would like it to show at the “from:” part where I am currently
I see theres an “attribute: route” option in the tracker entity that lists my current location.
Ijust cant seem to get it to work in the code above.
Same go’s for the “to:” part I’d like it to just insert a zone ( like zone.home )

edit: if I just make a simple entity card, it shows the minutes correct and all, so the integration is working, just need a bit help in setting up the code/cards themself.