Weather Card in Lovelace

I have the weather forecast card on my dashboards but it looks like it’s not refreshing as I would expect. It’s got the right days listed but it’s now 5:20 PM here but the card is showing Sunny and the temp that was true at 3pm not now. I can’t find a toggle to get it to update on a schedule.

What integration are you using? Where are you getting the updates from?

Sorry but I’m not 100% sure how to answer that question. I have HA integrated to my Vera box which is giving me control of most of my old Z-Wave devices short of that an Apple 4k, a few camera’s provided vis HTTP on a Blue Iris instance, not much else yet.

@lordwizzard basically asked how you’re getting your weather data… (Because that’s going to govern your refreshes.)

In my install I use Accuweather, National Weather Service and OpenWeatherMap. What do you use?

@NathanCu is correct, I changed mine to the NWS (local reporting station for my town - updates every 5 minutes) from the installed service that was over in Europe. Plus my ecobee Smart Therostat pulls from the same NWS but only hourly because it get updated from the ecobee servers.

With the NWS integration, you need to be aware of how it orders the data. This could be the reason why your card isn’t properly synchronized.

Edit: Another possibility is the NWS API is still propagating stale information. This was supposed to have been fixed in back in April, but in past day or two things have been unstable.

Here’s how it behaves over the course of a day:

The way I’ve handled the ordering is by creating a large template file in a manner that fits the front-end of the weather card I’m using (GitHub - Makin-Things/platinum-weather-card: This is a fully customisable weather card for Home Assistant with a graphical configuration.). The near-term forecast populates the [0] index no matter what time of day it is. For the forecasts of the following 5 days, the template picks out the daytime forecast indexes as a function of the tagged time of forecast [0].