Web GUI for Wifi AP on Raspberry Pi units

I had a thought today that I think would make a great feature if at all possible.
Most Raspberry Pi users as far as I can tell will run the Pi using a wired connection to the network, it’s easier and simpler to setup. So you have the wifi chip on the Pi sitting there doing nothing but capable of being an AP.
What about making a web gui to be able to setup said wifi chip as an AP with passthrough so you can setup devices like the Sonoff Mini in DIY mode by enabling the AP with the sonoff SSID settings and flash/config the unit via passthrough rather than having to setup a dedicated physical AP. You can also make it switchable so it’s not always broadcasting for when everything is setup? It would make it easier for people without spare AP’s to be able to Tasmotise their devices or setup something from stock to join the correct wifi network.