Web link action

Maybe it is already there, but I have not been able to find it.

I would like an action to open a web page in a new window/tab.
I can make a normal text web link, but it will have a web link styling with underline and colored text, which fill up a lot of space in my cards.
I would love to have it as an action to a button or a service call, so I could make a button with an icon that change based on an entitys state and when clicked would open a related web page.

F.ex. I have sensors that monitor my Tasmota devices for versions and when there is a new version, then I could just click the button and it would open TasmoAdmin.
Likewise I have a printer were it is impossible to pull all the possible status messages over in HA, so a button that shows okay for the few ones where all is working and a warning button otherwise that can be clicked to open up the printers status page for more info.