Web site stops responding after a period of time

I am pretty new to Home Assistant but I am really liking the options it gives me in automating my home. Great job to everyone contributing to this product.

I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing a problem where the web site UI stops responding after about 6 to 10 hours? The engine still seems to be running as my automation tasks are working during this time and the states are being logged in the history. But when I hit the website or the REST API I get a connection reset as if the web site is not responding to the request. I am running on a RP3 with Home Assistant version 0.24. I installed Home Assistant Manually. If I reboot the Raspberry PI the web site starts responding again.


What browser are you running? I have issues with Desktop Chrome going dead after a while but my mobile browsers are fine.

It wasn’t browser specific because the last time it happenedI tried Chrome and I.E. with the same results.

I think this might be related to when I reboot the Raspberry Pi or Call the HomeAssistant/Restart service from the UI. I think I was experiencing this while I was doing a lot of configuration and I thought I tested the UI after a reboot/restart. Once I left the config alone for a couple days the UI remained up. I need to look into why sometimes on boot/restart the UI does not come up and a reboot is required.

I just wanted to provide an update on the problems I was seeing just in case someone comes across this post with a similar problem. I have been running Home Assistant without the web site going down at all for over 3 weeks now. My problem ended up being the Raspberry Pi was overclocked. Once I stopped overclocking my problems went away.