Webhooks changing in 2023.7.0?

I have a webhook that I have been using for a long time. When upgrading I got the following message:

I was taking a look at the docs here: Automation Trigger - Home Assistant

And I am trying to figure out the way forwards. For the record, I followed the message, and adjusted my system so that this webhook is available outside my home network - thats kind of the point actually. I use Twilio’s integration so that guests can send a text to a Twilio number, which then triggers our gate to open. Our gate is far from our house, and we cannot see it; the keypad is in a location that is not the best, so it is simpler for guests just to text the number, and Home Assistant gets the push and opens the gate.

If this feature is removed in 2023.7.0 - what are the options for webhooks going forwards? Am I just misunderstanding how this is phrased?

My understanding is that webhooks will always be accessible from the internet. The only difference is that you need to take action to allow this because this will not happen by default. The new default is local only access.

I think you have probably already done what is needed.

Cool, thanks, the phrasing was confusing.