Weblink integration being deprecated

I am getting this warning in my HA logs

The weblink integration has been deprecated and is pending for removal in Home Assistant 0.107.0. Please use this instead: Entities Card - Home Assistant

But when I go to that url I see the recommended format is:

type: entities
title: Entities card sample
show_header_toggle: true

And this is what is in my ui-lovelace.yaml file:

type: entities

Is this a mistake?

Intrestingly enough weblink is being depreciated. However, note that the two messages point to two different weblink pages. You might want to ask over on discord as the devs are a bit more active there. Im guessing the integration is being depreciated but the lovelace option is not.

  • Weblink Deprecated - The weblink integration is now deprecated and pending removal in Home Assistant 0.107.0. This integration only works with the old states UI. - (@frenck - #30834) (weblink docs)
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I hate discord for troubleshooting, it’s just a mess of conversations, I find it very difficult to follow especially when I only have a few minutes a day to find answers to an issue.

So does anyone know if there is a replacement for weblink? I’m using it so I can get more details on weather alerts. If there isn’t a weblink replacement I’m stuck at 105 and will need to look at a HA replacement.

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I think you mean deprecated. Depreciated is an accounting term

Is it just me being inept, or weblink does not work in picture-glance card entities?

for me, weblink does not work in picture-glance card entities ;(

Can anyone clarify what is the substitution for weblinks?

You can use a Markdown card

type: markdown
content: Sample link to [Google Maps](https://maps.google.com)

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