Webpage card with link to Lovelace dashboard


I have the webpage card showing weather forecast on my main Dahsboard.
if I tap on the webpage card it redirect me to the weather website. But I would like to be redirected to a sub-Lovelace Dashboard where I can see further weather related informations I arranged.

Is tehere any chance to make this possible?

If it’s very „out of the box“, please make me step by step instruction. :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help!


Here is my code for integrating windy into my dashboard:

type: iframe
url: >-
aspect_ratio: 45%

This is what it looks like:

Thanks, but I also have a weather forecast on my dashboard. But yours look better. :sweat_smile:

What kind of card are you using on the right side of your Dahsboard?

I „just“ need it to redirect me to another Lovelace dashboard when I click/tap on it.

When setting up a page, use the sidebar view and if you want to make it “sub page” select subview.

On your card or button there should be an option to redirect on click


Thanks for that.

But that’s not possible with the website card.

Any ideas?

The website card has to be in a page

type: iframe
url: https://www.home-assistant.io
aspect_ratio: 50%

Send me the website you are trying to insert?

I have this webpage shown on my dashboard:

And when I tap on it, I want to get redirected to a Lovelace page.

Hi, have you seen this?

That’s exactly what I’ve done.
And it works.

But still, I would like to add a tap action to the weather website card.

As you can see, the Webpage card - Home Assistant doesn’t have that functionality.