WebSocket API Connected Clients

I enabled the WebSocket API Connected Clients sensor as I have occasionally had the “Client exceeded max pending messages” error. I have noticed that, when Home Assistant first starts up this shows 0 but then, within less than 1 minute of starting, it rapidly goes up to over 90.
I find this odd because most of the time I only have 4 browsers/apps connected (Google Chrome browser on desktop, iOS app on iPad, Android app on phone, and Chromium browser on raspberry Pi running as kiosk).

Is this the sort of thing which should be fixed by this PR, PR#6149 Close websocket connection after being hidden for 5 minutes, or is this something else and should I be concerned?
If so, is there a way I can find what clients are actually connecting via the WebSocket API rather than just the number?

Edit: I am running Home Assistant Core on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ in a Python virtual environment.

I get these error messages in my log too, and would like to know where they are coming from.

I had them to, but it looks like that they are gone with 0.111.2

I’ve not had the errors lately, it’s more the number of connected clients I’m concerned about. I also noticed that, if I refresh Chrome, the connected clients goes up by 1 each time and never goes down (until a restart of Home Assistant).