Weird processor usage on Raspberry pi 4

Hello, i am a real beginner with HA, but i am starting to think theres something wrong with the hardware i am using… I installed hass io - the original instalation, without any extra OS, and after some time raspberry went really hot and it disconnected from the network like once a day. In that time, I thought it could be caused by some extensions, as i allready had HACS installed and some others, so i delted everything from the SD card and made a fresh install.

Now i dont have any extensions installed, it seems the pi isnt disonnecting from the network anymore, but the processor usage is weird and high(see picture above). I see the screenshots where people have like 6% and less processor usage and i have 60% without any tasks running and any extensions (only VS code extension is installed) …

I would like to check the tasks that are actually running on background but i dont know how to do it in hass io without any SSH sudo commands…

Please help:)

UPDATE!! For anyone having same issue - it seems to be the VS code extension, that was using about 90% of processor capacity on the background - when i stopped it, i seen a massive drop:

Please let me know if anyone had the same issue and if there is some hack how to solve this bacause i really like to use the VS code…

Yeah I stop the addon when I’m not using it. I also use VSCode from my desktop PC most of the time (use the SAMBA share addon to get access to the config files), and only use the addon for remote emergency adjustments.

What pi hardware are you using?

I use an i7 mini pc so don’t see quite the same drastic cpu utilisation you do.

Also please stop using the term ‘Hassio’, it has been called Home Assistant OS for over a year now (HA OS for short).