WeMo light bulbs not working after 0.86.1 update

Since I updated to 0.86.2 my Wemo light bulbs are not recognised.
Please note. I have Wemo switches and dimmers which works perfectly. Only the light bulbs don’t.
The Wemo motion Sensors are recognised as switches. But I can live with that.

I have tried these

  1. Used component Wemo:
  2. Wemo with discovery true
  3. No Wemo component but only discovery
  4. Wemo with static IP
    5 reset Wemo link for bulbs and re added the bulbs.

Any help please.
Again. As always the community rocks.

Its a bug with wemo discovery, sometimes it can be resolved by restarting HA a few times. It should be fixed in the next release.

On my Wemos I have set them as static in the config due to various discovery issues:

# Slow Cooker
# Lounge TV
# Hot Tub
# Bedroom TV
# Kitchen TV

They take a few seconds to show up in the UI after a reboot, but are always found. If you set DHCP reserved IPs for them, there is really no need to do a discovery every restart, you don’t really add a Wemo device every day.

Just my thoughts :slight_smile:

Thanks mate. Let me try that.

I have Reserved iP. But does not seem to work unfortunately. I will give it another go then.

As others have said it could be the WeMo bug. There was a change from 0.86.x that lets HA start up whilst still discovering the WeMos - before I think it used to pause until it either found them and timed out. I only have WeMo sockets (no bulbs) and notice that although they are static assigned in DHCP, they still take up to a minute to appear in the Lovelace UI.