Wemos D1 Mini - Receive data from HA


I have a NAS with Home Assistant Container and I wanted to program a Wemos D1 Mini to receive data from HA. They will be on the same network.
I’ve already researched how to get to interact with both. I noticed that as I don’t have HA supervision, I installed EspHome from Docker/Portainer, but I’m not able to configure it…
As it is only to receive data from HA, is it really necessary to configure ESPHome?
Someone can help me?

I personally think Esphome is the easiest way to retrieve data from HA.

I’ve already managed to install EspHome through Portainer, but unfortunately I’m not able to access the .yaml files. Can’t find them in the NAS.
If there was a simple way to get access to HA sensor values it would be great.

EDIT: After some work i managed to connect both.
Now i have a OLED display and i want to get some values from HA and print on display.

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