What are some high temp sensors to use

I currently use DS1820 sensors and they are fine most of the time. But I have a project that will need a sensor up to 500 degrees F possibly. The DS1820 is only good to 275.
Thanks for any suggestions

Thermocouple is what you’re after. I used this:


Along with this:


Used them for a coffee roaster I made using ESPHome. There are different thermocouples (and form factors) that might work better or be cheaper for your use-case.


In addition to the post from Ben (above) this here, is the ESPHome data page for the K-type thermocouple and MAX6675 board to go with the thermocouple. I currently use two of these thermocouples in my oven/cooker controller, which goes up to 260 degrees C (500F), and these run on an ESP32.

They’re easy to use, readily available, and work well. The prices quoted for Amazon seem very high. I’d try AliExpress or eBay as they can be picked up for a few £££’s on either.