What are the differences between Home Assistant vs Hass.io

I’m new in domotics and i dont’ understand what is what beetwen Home Assistant vs Hass.io

I installed Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi by using the Hass.io installer
and i m learning about using it to automatize my home.
I’ve a lot of questions , among them : how nicely stop the system before switching off the raspberry
from Home Assistant UI :

  • via configuration then server control then stop ? or
  • via Hass.io then system then host system shutdown ? or
    best way = ?
    thanks for your help (sorry for my broken english)

Hassio is Home Assistant and Hass.io Supervisor running in 2 docker containers. The hassio installer installs both of these on an operating system called HassOS.

HassOS is a stripped down OS thats optimized to run Home Assistant, Hassio Supervisor, and Hassio Addons inside a docker containers on a raspberry pi.

Hass.io Supervisor is a ‘bridge’ between home assistant and the operating system. It allows home assistant to do things like ‘get hardware information’, and ‘restart hardware’.

Home assistant is, well, home assistant. It’s what performs automations, displays the ui, etc. This is what you typically deal with.

Hassio is just the combination of Hass.io Supervisor and Home assistant. The OS has nothing to do with hassio. You can run this setup on any OS. It just so happens that the installer gives you HassOS. Many people on the forum talk about these incorrectly, they do not understand the distinction between hassOS and hass.io.


FYI, there is a FAQ.

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Thanks for your help

Thanks for the clarification. The naming, frankly speaking, is very confusing.

Luckily it’s all changed since this 2-year-old post was written. See here: