What are you folks using for the front-end on mobile devices?


There seems to be several different frontends out there, and I’m wondering how they compare.

There’s the “basic” HA front end, that seems to rely on using “Groups” to organize. I mostly use that one, especially from desktop, but it’s getting quite cluttered (I’ve not bothered setting groups yet).

There’s Lovelace, which I’ve been using a bit with hand-written yaml. Works well for a simplified front-end for my wife’s phone - I can add the switches she needs, but not the various utility features.

AppDaemon has a frontend, that’s presumably python driven.

And I seem to recall folks mentioning several others, can’t recall which.

So what are you using? Pros/Cons of different systems? I’m especially looking at things that work well on an iphone and ipad - multifunction devices, not tablets used solely for control.


Homekit and Siri.


I’m using TileBoard, I’ve tried a few other front ends including AppDaemon and Lovelace but TB seems to just work, even with older or low end mobile devices.

The only downside is it’s a little tricky to set up, but once you get the hang of the JSON and CSS stuff it works very well.


Any pictures of your setup??? Interested in looking to see a working version


Is that much easier…? You port everything into ha and then back to HomeKit?


No, actually I don‘t use Homekit but native Homebridge of Home Assistant to expose entities to the family‘s phones.

For a home automation system, there should be no need to control it. Only if I want to do something extra-ordinary (turn on lights at day), I use Siri.


I use ios app with Lovelace. I’ve made my default view mobile first and it shows all the things I most often use from mobile. For quick control of some lights I use homekit favorite view from the control center.