What configuration with a hp T620

Hi, i a newbe in HA and I want to experiment with it.

As the Pi’s are rare and expensieve I consider to use
a thin client Hp T620. I would like to use 32Gb Ssd,
but those are rare too. And I don’t want to spent to much money yet

Is a 16Gb sufficient? Can a add a remote usb disk, where
data is logged?

I have tried to find a thread about this here, but couldn’t find . Sorry for that.

Does somebody have an advice?


I have recently switched from a pi4 to a t630 with proxmox. Mine now has 16gb ram and a 256gb ssd. It came with 4gb ram and an 8gb ssd. When i first started playing with it I put HAOS on a USB ssd and used that. 16gb will be enough if you don’t add a lot of stuff. but much easier to just put the whole install on a usb ssd or upgrade the internal ssd.

32 GB is the recommended minimum in the docs:

A 32 GB or bigger card is recommended.

Yes, it’s talking about SD cards, but the same applies here.

If you’re going with 16 GB then you’ll want to ensure you adjust recorder to keep only (say) 3 days of data and don’t increase the logging level of logger. You’ll also want to avoid installing many (possibly any) add-ons.

Thx, i managed to get a quad, with 32gb for a reasonable price

It has only 4gb memory. I will try that first.