What do I neet to integrate Temperature and Window/Door Sensors in HA

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I’d like to integrate some window-/door sensors and temperature sensors to mi HA running on a RaspberryPI

Which additionla hardware do I need (except of the sensors)?

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If you buy Zigbee sensors, a Zigbee stick
if you buy Z-Wave sensors, a Z-Wave stick
if you buy RF433Mhz sensors, a 433Mhz bridge

I don’t know any supported Bluetooth door/window sensors, but temperature sensors do exist.

Don’t buy WiFi sensors, the batteries are depleted before you know it.

I read a lot about ConBee2.
Is this device any good and would you recommend it?

Just a heads up on the window/door sensors.
Many of those sensors only send a signal when they are split, ie. opening the door, and not when they are joined again, ie. closing the door.

On many websites you can see text that say you will get a notification in both situations, but its not true.
I tried 5 different brands from AliExpress, where I could tell the board inside the plastic was different, but they all only handled the opening event.
I then decided to use the Sonoff RF sensors instead, but even those failed too.
In the end I went with sensors for my HomeMatic IP heating system, but I have later learnt, that the Sonoff wifi sensors should report both events too.

The Sonoff Rf sensors are indeed no good.
For rf433 door/window sensors :

For ZigBee window/door sensors the sonoff ZigBee sensors are OK, if you can get the old aqara sensors they are good too, the new E1 aqara sensors are problematic at the moment.

Can’t give advice on Zwave sensors, I don’t have any.

Don’t have a Conbee, but a lot of people on the forum use them.

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Have 5 z-wave door sensors; 3 HomeSeer and 2 Ecolink. Have had them now for over 5 years and reliability is good. Both show open and closed and battery life is 12-24 months depending on usage. For all outside windows and doors I tap into my DSC alarm with an it-100 (for HA) and envisalink (for monitoring service). Good to check as this can provide many sensors for little money.

Are the new Aqara E1 door sensors still problematic or has this been resolved?

For CC2652 adapters and Conbee II there is new firmware available that (partially) resolves the problem. With an updated Zigbee2mqtt the problem is totally resolved.
TLDR; if you have done both the firmware update and the Zigbee2mqtt update, it is resolved.

I’ve tried both Aqara’s own E1 hub and Conbee II. And I am sending E1 hub back cause Conbee II with ZHA is just better in every way:

  • It works with any Zigbee device, not just Aqara. So if you decide to go after SONOFF (or any other Zigbee vendor really) later you won’t need another Hub
  • Contact sensor speed somehow faster on Conbee II (of course we talk milliseconds on both but it does feel faster)
  • You can buy Aqara sensors off Aliexpress (much cheaper than Amazon) and those integrate with Conbee II super easy
  • Somehow Conbee range is better even though its’ much smaller - same sensor location RSSI is better on Conbee than E1
  • -1 app to deal with on your phone
  • Conbee II pulls more sensor data into HA than Aqara Homekit Controller integration (eg. Illuminance sensor on Aqara Motion Sensor is not pulled in, but is showing on Conbee/ZHA, same for pressure sensor on Temperature unit)
  • for reasons I cannot explain Aqara integration for Button is super laggy in automations - it will randomly stop working for no reason. I had 0 issues of that kind with Conbee/ZHA + you get the 4th option on the button (single press, double press, hold press, hold press release)

I have Aqara temperature, motion and contact sensors + buttons and all work flawlessly

One caveat is that you need a USB extender as Conbee II won’t work if just plugged into RPI (something to do with interference). So make sure you buy it at the same time.

I have the CC2652P2 Zigbee to Ethernet/USB Serial Coordinator from Tube’s ZB so hoping they will be fine with this.

Sonoff RF433 Door/Windows sensors can not be recommended.
They only register the opening of sensor and not the closing.
Their website might state otherwise, but it is an error.

Their other versions might be different. I know the WIFI version register both events.