What does the image: integration do?

playing around with the Area images (without having image: in configuration.yaml) I had some difficulties at first adding and browsing for images.

Never having added image: to my config, (because I didnt think I needed it ) I figured maybe the difficulties were caused by that missing out on, so I added it and restarted.

I see no difference at all, nor does the UI browse that folder, or see any of the images I have collected meanwhile, which are stored in /config/image

this Image - Home Assistant says nothing really, besides the system is handling image assets because of it. But it did that without it too?

So, the question is, what does the integration entry non the configuration.yaml do, if anything at all?

secondly, all of those images are stored in hideously (but uniquely, I see that ofc) named folders and the images themselves are only called 512x512… /config/image/efa629a3ee7939cc080322fe43a85c8d/512x512 which makes it rather unfriendly for the human eye. Can we somehow set a folder name for those images, so we can browse to image: /local/images/areas/dining.png the way we do in picture-elements cards?

Image would presumably have been loaded by default, because it is part of default_config ?

sure, but I dont use that :wink:
sorry, should have mentioned that…