What does the state value of an automation mean?

All my automations have a state value = “on”
What does this actually mean - and will it ever change to “off” ?

ON = mean that they will run when the trigger is activated

OFF = means the automation will NOT run activate then the trigger happen

sometimes you may not want the trigger to happen every time

I don’t understand. How/why/when will the state value ever = off

The way I use it is

have a Washing Automation that tells me when I have finished the washing

then the wife’s logic is that night she puts the dry washing in the hot water cupboard to finish off the drying/airing don’t want to run every day

so I have an Automation that turns on the water cupboard @ 6:30 and off 12 hours later

but that automation only gets turned on when the washing is done sometime that day.

yes could have done with helpers my thinking only turns on when this has happened

Thanks for trying my friend, but your English is impossible to understand. It only adds to the confusion :disappointed_relieved:

You can disable and enable automations via service call or by clicking ‘Disable’ in the automation’s overflow menu.

There are different opinions on this…

My opinion is that it’s best practice to reserve turning automations ‘off’ for when it is necessary for extensive code maintenance, debugging, or other similar tasks. Use conditional logic to control the flow and execution of automations.

Some users prefer to use it as a way to exert control over automation flow… they regularly disable and enable automations via other automations.

You can turn off automations using another automation or manually from the UI.

Aha, so off actually means Disabled.

To me turning the automation off via a service call is different than disabling it.

Turning it off via service call just blocks execution until it is turned on again.

Disabling has the same effect but the automation will disappear from the UI.

I have some automations that I turn off during certain circumstances (guests in the house, away on vacation, etc.) These can automatically be turned off/on via service call in an another automation. If you were to disable it, it has to be done manually to disable and enable the automation.

Yes, that’s basically what it means.

If it’s off it won’t run.

Disabling an automation in the UI and calling the automation.turn_off service have the exact same effect, as do their counterparts.

Disabled/turned off automations are visible in the UI…

Nope, if you manually disable an automation, you can enable it again via service call.

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