What EU power plugs support properly Energy management?

What EU power plugs support properly Energy management? As far as I have understood, the plug should support energy monitoring and not just the current power in order to be compatible with HA Energy management and to display correct values. What devices would actually support that? I would prefer something available in EU stores. Can be probably BT, WiFi or ZigBee.

At the end I would like to have plugs for the following purposes

  • Normal indoor plug
  • Outdoor plug
  • Indoor plug without any power control possibilities for a fridge. I don’t wan that there is any possibility to turn it off.

As an example. I have some Koogeek WiFi plugs which support power monitoring with HomeKit and Koogeek iOS app but not with HA. Then Aqara plug supports power monitoring at least with Aqara hub but I have no idea whether Energy is supported in HA. How I could know which support the Energy management and which not?

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Have you considered the shelly 1, shelly 1 pm, shelly 2.5 and shelly em. They are wifi. They have their own phone app and integrate easily in HA. Cost is low.


I have 5 and 4 more on the way.

I’ve used Shelly Plug S when I wanted to know the power usage of a device, but personally never needed more then 1 (once I knew the power usage of my devices I adjusted the use case accordingly and that was it for me).
I have some plugs bookmarked:

  • Like these GoSund SP111 look-a-likes that are still flashable with Tasmota (and after that ESPHome if you want even better integration) from Amazon.
  • Or these pre-flashed ones from Athom with ESPHome already on them from AliExpress. (that brand has more pre-flashed stuff btw)

I have no idea if they serve your purpose, but it’s worth checking them out I guess…

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Shelly has good products and their app (or even better their web interface) work well, but one thing they are not… and that’s cheap :sunglasses:

I’m using the Aqara Plugs with deconz. They are around 22€ and work reliably and are easy to set up.

Compared to z-wave, they are about 1/2 the cost. New Jasco z-wave switch is ~$45, shelly 1 pm is $22 and shelly 1 is about $20. Good quality and fair price.

I would say Shelly it’s one of the cheapest, especially considering quality and support.

Btw Shelly1 has no any measurement. Has dry contact instead

Ok, @AllHailJ is right that if you compare to z-wave stuff Shelly is less expensive.
Then again z-wave stuff is often the most expensive…
To actually say Shelly is one of the cheapest @maxym : yes, Shelly is usually good quality, but so are the plugs I linked to and they are almost half the price. If there is a comparable product Shelly usually isn’t the cheapest, which doesn’t mean they aren’t a good choice.
Besides that Shelly has some unique products like a wifi PIR sensor which I can personally make from parts for a LOT less, but since no other companies offer a similar product with the same support they are by default the cheapest…

Is Shelly Plug S supporting Energy management? Is it recording the power consumption in a reliable manner and not only the current power?

Right now I’m looking for external plugs and not those devices like Shelly pm which you need to install behind the current wall plug as that would require an electrician. There might be a situation for such in future though.

I guess I’ll give it a try for the Aqara Plug if it actually records the energy used and not just the current power. Even then, I’ll start the expirement with one plug first :wink:

I have NeoCoolcam and Fibaro Power Plugs (both z-wave). Both are able to measure the energy consumption.
Now with the new Energy monitoring feature in HA they should do the trick (have no experience with Shelly)
I have not been successful yet myself to add the power plugs to the energy monitoring feature, but this could be caused by the missing Grid details (no device for doing the monitoring)

I’m now using these and both work great. They provide the energy. The Frient even reports current and voltage and it is really compact.

You don’t really need energy readings.
Even cheap tuya plugs report power, then you can plainly use the “Riemann sum integral” integration to transform power into energy.

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That gives some estimate of the energy yes. However, based on some explanations it might be quite inaccurate with certain devices. At the end, I really don’t need accurate values as this is still mostly just for fun.

Would be interested to have links on those.

Anyway, at the end of the day, you can only trust the device to report accurate values, be it for power or energy, and then again assume your utility provider in in-line with that.
So we are in estimate / trends land, anyway.

I’m using the HomeWizard Wi-Fi Energy Socket, and their HomeWizard Wi-Fi P1 Meter. Both integrate well into HA with local API access and HA Energy Support.

In the event of a blackout, do these sockets (the pre-flashed ones) return to the switched on state or must they be switched on again manually?
Thank you for the tip!

My Shelly has the option to set the state used at power on, so I would expect it’s at least possible with Tasmota and ESPHome. (It’s a firmware option, not determined by hardware)
Just did a search for “tasmota power on state” in Google and found this and same search but with “esphome” gives me this.

The update interval in HA is 1 minute, which is the basis for the Riemann sum integral.
This is missing quite a bit of accuracy.

Internally the device (I assume) uses a time base of 1 second or even less, which gives much more accurate energy readings.