What is best with PoE: three controllers or 1 controller+ 2 extenders

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First of all I am a newbee. Just installed Home Assisant with a couple of sensors.
Now I would like to extend the range of sensors in the basement and outside of the horse.

What is best network topology when using a PoE swtich?
1 controller (PoE) + 2 extenders (PoE or power plugs)
3 controllers (PoE)

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What kind of sensors.

Your recommendation is based on the topology requirements for them rather than power.

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Thank you for answering.

All lind of sensors:
Temperature/humidity (x10)
Movement (x10)
Gardening (ground humudity/watering)
Weather station
Power consomption (Linky)
Smoke detector
Air quality

On three floors : basement, first floor and second floor.+ ouside

Because I habe PoE everywhere I wonder whether I should use three PoE controllers or a mesh network with only one controller.

What tech? Zigbee, zwave, wifi, matter, etc?

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Zigbee at the moment. I guess this is 2.4 Ghz but I am not sure.
I am using a Sonoff Zigbee dongle plus (usb key).

I don’t plan to use any wifi.

As I also have PoE over the house, I could be using

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You can only have one coordinator per zigbee net. Ha only supports one instance of ZHA which in turn only supports a single zigbee net.

But you can run as many instances of Zigbee2MQTT as desired with a little hacking. Two instances are easily supported with the standard addons (release and edge).

You can also run ZHA and z2m side by side, so effectively three zigbee instances are easily installed: ZHA, z2m-release, and z2m-edge.

I would try using routers first on a single net. You can always move to separate instances if needed.

Best router device I’ve found is a cc2652p based stick flashed with router firmware.

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Thank you, very clear.