What is difference between the various HA start events

noticing my trigger based templates didnt update correctly on

platform: event
event_type: homeassistant_start

but do on

platform: homeassistant
event: start

I tried to find some explanation in Events - Home Assistant and Automation Trigger - Home Assistant

but am still in the dark tbh. I must admit I had never seen the homeassistant_started event itself, but take it it marks the finish of the process, where _start marks the beginning…

as regular template sensors are initialized in the final stages of the startup proces, that would explain why several of my trigger based templates still showed ‘unavailable’ (since they contain other template sensors states), see: nested trigger based templated is unavailable · Issue #70036 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

still, why then have yet another event on the platform: homeassistant. And, why the difference in practice for the trigger based templates.

Please have a look? thanks

I’ve only ever used platform: homeassistant to notify me when home assistant starts and I dont get the notification until all the “Setting up xx integration” toast messages finish. i.e. after everything is loaded.

yes, I guess it must be practically identical to the platform: event, event_type: homeassistant_started, but would love to ‘know’ the difference.
As said, there are implications in practice.

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