What is modern/new integration

Hi there, as a novice I currently read a lot about modern/new integration (of YAML scripts). Can anyone briefly explain what is ment by this? Thx, Uwe

Do you mean templates? There is a “modern” and a legacy format for templates:

Legacy templates are described right at the bottom of the page. They still work, but you’ve got to be careful not to mix the two.

There are also modern and legacy versions of groups, restful sensors, and probably others that I have forgotten.

The modern versions have more options and will get new features as required. Development of new features for legacy versions has stopped but their existing functionality will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future to maintain backward compatibility with existing installations. There may come a day when the legacy versions of these integrations will be deprecated but nothing like that has been announced or publicly discussed.

I’m not a developer but the reason for creating the modern integration versions was probably something to do with fitting better in home assistant’s architecture or to replace inefficient and outdated ways of doing things.

A decision has also been made to move configuration of some integrations to a graphical user interface for ease of use. This is an ongoing process and usually a few are added to the UI with each new core major version release. Other integrations will always support yaml though. See: The future of YAML - Home Assistant