What is needed for new component?

What is needed for someone with the necessary knowledge to come up with a way to integrate something to HA? I bought some smart LEDs that use the Mood Light app on both Android and iOS to control them. Is it possible? And if so, what kind of information would I need to gather?

You need to know how the app control the smart LEDs.
Which request are exchange between your app and the smart LEDs, or possibly between the app, a server and the smart LEDs.

And the hardest part would be to find a programmer willing to program a component for it. Unless he own this smart LEDs, it would be almost impossible to do it, and he also won’t have any reason to invest several days of work into it.

If you can find a python program that can operate the LED’s, then it is a large part of the job done.

You then need someone to write the component in HASS, utilising the python program.

see https://home-assistant.io/developers/creating_components/

Is that part of Samsung SmartHub ?