What is the best way to control "Kalor Marta-AKKA" Pellety heater maybe with IR or Serial OR agua micronova NAVEL 2.0

I need to control powering on and off.
What is the way I could do this?
It works with IR, I have an broadlink RM3 Mini, i can crontrol the menu with it, but having trouble truning it on/off.
Powering on/off needs an 2sec IR signal, I cant manage that:
See this post

It is also connected with the “agua micronova NAVEL 2.0” wifi module. But I can only control it trough the app (Go Heat) and has no way to intergrate this into hassio.
Maybe some can help for this?

I think it has an serial connection but I have totally no experince with serial ports and taking control of them.

How can I make this work to power on and off???

I think Kalor uses Duepi Evo wifi controller.
You can try this ( work in progress though)

I do not get the difference between micronova and dupei evo - seems to be different manufacturers even, or not?