What is the path where z-wave js ui stores files?

I’m trying to locate the path on the sd card for home assistant supervisor os. I was running z-wave js ui on a raspberry pi 3

You can access all of the Z-Wave JS UI files by clicking the menu button and going to the store page.

I have two raspberry pi 3’s. The one I was using isn’t working too well so I am trying to migrate everything over to my other pi 3.

I was hoping to be able to access the sd card from the one old so I can simply copy files over.

If I have to, I’ll boot my old system to copy over the files (this is a bit more troublesome since my old home assistant setup has issues)

So if you mount your SD Card to a Linux machine you can access the store files that way as well. Since I don’t have an easily accessible Linux machine I used a fedora installer iso and booted into live boot mode. Your SD card should have a bunch of partitions named hassos-whatever. I was able to access the Z-Wave JS UI store files by clicking on the hassos-data partition > supervisor > addons > data > a0d7b954_zwavejs2mqtt > store

Thank you! diskinternals is what I used to read the sd card on Windows. I just have to find a program which will let me write to the sd card.

Or an addon in Home Assistant which will allow me access to the folder so I can transfer the files over

If you are migrating from one system to another a partial backup is the easiest and best method. You just go to settings > system > backup > select create backup > select partial backup > then select your Z-Wave addon and click create. It will then create a .tar file with all the important files for that addon. On the new system all you would have to do is just restore the backup.

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