What kind of iOS 14 & Big Sur widgets would you like to see?

I think widgets in the large, middle area of the Infograph Modular watchface would offer good inspiration. For example, the Activity complication shows two auto-scaled y-values (“move” and “exercise”) with two values shown per hour (they update more frequently than every 30 minutes though) plus an indicator dot (“stand”):

Doing something like this would allow for more than a single sensor, and fit with the existing aesthetic.

I think a “Who’s Home” or “Presence” widget might be a neat idea, basically showing avatars of your family members (person.*) and where they are. I think that would fit well within the limitations of widgets, since it doesn’t really require live-updates.


A single sensor value that can handle a string (wrapping etc.) would be good. Can then parse something in Jinja on server allowing you to show messages.

A related idea would be to show the last push notification received and time.

Also very much like the idea of graph if it’s possible. Actions would be a bonus.

I imagine these being usable with a glance.

Would it be possible to specify a few sensors so I can check typically important stuff:
Who is home
Any doors/locks open
Alarm state

Maybe the big one shows a chunk of the logbook (encouraging users to customize their logbook entries)?

And tapping the widget could open a specific Lovelace view/page?


It would be nice to have a way to select which entities/devices to display on the widget and then the widget would just scroll through each entity on some time interval. Kind of like an electronic billboard showing the status or graph of each entity you deem important enough to see on the front screen

I’ve been playing a bit building widgets and yeh the update time is sometimes 30 minutes or so. Is that how it is on the watch? (I’ve never done any watch stuff)

I’d be keen for a “where’s the family” widget which lists zone or last known zone with time for each member.

Agreed. Being able to customise where the taps opened to would be great.

Yes although they do get more frequent the more the selected face is used and on.

I have a bunch of power measuring plugs and devices in my house, being able to get the cumulative energy for the most important ones would be good.

I’d rather use cumulative energy sensors than current W sensors as it wouldn’t matter that much if it were a bit outdated values.

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Tap to run an automation, but only if the phone is unlocked. This would let us use the face id or fingerprint feature to run an automation securely. Then, come home, notification shows button to unlock door, disarm alarm but only if phone is unlocked.

I would love to be able to open the app to specific Lovelace pages from a widget. It would be cool if you could customize the icons used for the links as well.

Maybe an history of notification ? I follow my cat with my phone. And I don’t see on home assistant where I can find all my notification. So, maybe in app and widget…

First widget: Actions. Started with replacing the current widget, now time to make new things! Thanks for all of your ideas. If you’re interested in checking them out as they’re slowly made, sign up for the TestFlight beta!


That’s great. Do you think it’s possible to add more than 8 items to the widget?

Hi Zac,
Great work!!
Althoug I like the widget as it looks better than the old actions it seems that you must open the app for the widget to action. In the old one you just push the button when the phone is locked and it worked.
I mainly use it to open the car gate while driving etc. so adding a phone unlock is a pain.
Any way to get this option back (I mean prevent the phone from asking to unlock).

Unfortunately these new iOS 14 widgets cannot do things without launching the app. This is a requirement that Apple imposes on 3rd party developers (but not themselves, so Shortcuts does work this way).

If this is very important to you for actions, you can create a Shortcut with the new-in-2020.5 “Perform Action” type – do this either in the app (go to configure an action and tap ‘Add to Siri’) or in Shortcuts.app – which can be placed in the Shortcuts.app Widget, which has the special permission to work how you want.

@zacwest Can the list of actions within the widget change dynamically throughout the day? For example, based on time, location, or state of an entity?

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Ho do we sign up for the beta through testflight. I’ve used testflight before and am familiar with it.

I would love widgets & complications that periodically reflect the state of an entity.

For example, maybe I’ve got a min_max sensor that tells me the mean temperature of the living spaces in my home. Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to have a watch complication that shows this? And even set up a ring around it showing the full range of probable interior temperatures, just like the current weather complication does.

Similar widgets on the phone would be cool. Being able to see entity states, knowing they aren’t going to update as often as a Lovelace interface… but would be useful to maybe show entity graphs or recent entity values. But still offering the ability to tap the widget to fire an action.

Right now the widgets are pretty limited… they can call an action but ultimately just open the HA companion app in a way that doesn’t tie the widget & action to the screen presented. If I tap a widget to fire an action, how cool would it be to land on a specific Lovelace card that gives context to what that action just did?

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@zacwest any idea when the next widgets will be added? Would be very keen to beta test anything that becomes available.