What mobile app best for viewing HA Community forum with?

Greetings, Is there a preferred mobile app to use for viewing and participating in the HA Community Forum ?

Chrome is my weapon of choice

So for a mobile app you are best to use a browser? Maybe I am just old, but I find mobile browsers to be the worst mobile apps and a clumsy way to consume forum content. Browsers lack basic navigation controls that are easy to use and standardized.

I had hoped that the forum would have been Tapatalk compatible but apparently Discourse is not.

Do you use an iOS device? Because on Android devices you have permant buttons to navigate just fine.

Thank you for the reply.

Wait, what? The back button is physical but I do not see a forward button. If I press that back button I can go to the previous page but that’s it. I do not know how to go forward again like I can in Windows with my mouse side buttons.

So I can navigate from page 2 to page 1 but don’t know of any (permanent) button to go from page 1 to page 2.

I look forward to learning here because this is a problem I have had since the Galaxy 3 days. I just find it very awkward and loose the page frequently. Also I am not alone, I have asked other people the same thing and they also did not know how to do this.

I guess phones want you to remember your history but not your future. I personally have no problems with it. Chrome has a forward button in case of emergency. But I rarely use it. Maybe this could help?

Thanks for that. I will give Chrome a try. I have primarily been a Firefox and DuckDuckGo user but I guess I will have to up my game.\

Edit: I tried to find that gesture enable under the flags settings but it was not present.