What to do with unused entities page - new item added

I’m trying to get my head around lovelace. I played before it was official, and had a config. With with .90 and .91 when it because official, it gave me the option to make default and i took that. I belive I removed the ui-lovelace.yaml.

I do have some views/groups set up from the old style config (perhaps my issue).

So with the old style ui, you’d add a new item and it would appear at a badge at the top…then you’d modify the views/groups to put it into a home.

With lovelace I’ve added a new item (input_select) and I can see it in the unused entities page. With all the UI editor type work that has been done I was expecting to be able to select that card and get it moved somewhere as it’s currently only on the unused page.

What am I supposed to do here? Or do i need to edit the view to promote it form unused to the main page views/tabs?

yes, you need to edit the view and add whatever entity/card you want to the view.

if you don’t put the entity into a “card:” you need to put the entity under “badges:”.

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