What to use for MiFlora sensor: plantgateway or miflora-mqtt-daemon

Both seem to be actively developed:

I use this: https://github.com/custom-components/sensor.mitemp_bt
With a BT stick directly connected to my HA-box.

Obviously not a solution of your miflora sensors are a long way from the HA server.

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Olen: that’s sounds like a good choice if sensor are located near the HA box, unfortunately that’s not the case in my setup.
Just wanted to answer my question that i went with miflora-mqtt-daemon and i am happy with it. It was a little bit of hassle to set it up (the daemon doesnt log the issues very well, it helps to run an app directly while debugging it), but once it’s working its working perfectly fine as a daemon.

Do you by any chance know how you confirgured the ‘devices’ into HA? I have the sensors pushed into the MQTT server, but don’t really get how to move along. Using homeassistant-mqtt as reporting method. And I know this has been a while :wink:

hello, same issue … being new to HA (moved from io-broker) i do not understand on how to implement the sensors into HA.

mqtt explorer shows the sensors arriving at mqtt:

added the mqtt sensors into the configuration (mqtt.yaml)grafik

but entities stay empty …
read/yt many files but could not get the mistakte I make. thankfull for any hint to solve it.


In the end I added a bt device to my ha device. Never figured this out.

this looks like for my sensor … works quite nice and teh entities show up to be used wherever you want.