What to use instead of deprecated white_value_command/state_topic?

I have a few RGBW controllers that are running Espurna. I haven’t tinkered with HA in a long while but needed to update recently to solve some issues. Unfortunately I ran into MQTT errors due to white_value_command_topic being deprecated.

Configuration of one of the RGBW controllers looks like this for RGB and W:

      rgb_state_topic: "lights/H801_1/rgb"
      rgb_command_topic: "lights/H801_1/rgb/set"
      white_value_command_topic: "lights/H801_1/channel/3/set"
      white_value_state_topic: "lights/H801_1/channel/3"

With the white_value related settings being deprecated I can’t find a way to control the white channel. There’s no setting in the firmware to combine them into RGBW for example so I’m limited to RGB only for now.

I know there are other firmwares such as Tasmota thay may work but if possible I would like to avoid tinkering with that as this setup has been working flawlessly.

EDIT: I flashed latest Tasmota and are now using white instead of white_value in my automations. A lot of work for such a small change but it works.

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Hi, I’m facing same issue after updating to recent HA version. Could you share how have you flashed your devices? Have you used OTA in the web UI of esrurna or did it any other way?

@mswiss It should be possible to flash using OTA if there is flash space available, but I manged to soft-brick my H801 so I ended up using UART instead.

I don’t remember exactly what went wrong but I think there were issues with the compressed images and/or I used the wrong image (maybe minimal instead of lite?). Lite image is under 500kB uncompressed so that should work even on 1MB devices I think.

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