What TTS do I need for local TTS

I am new to HA and am a bit confused on how to add mimic3. I would like to remove googleTTS and use only a local TTS, I am not sure how to install or what exactly I need to install on HAOS that I have running in a KVM VM.

I would like to be able to use voice commands with a mic and speaker and also be able to use the Media Text to Speech. Are these both using Rhasspy some how or do I need to install MaryTTS or is Rhasspy, Mimic3, and MaryTTS different approaches to the same thing?

If I want to have a speaker with a mic to issue voice commands and be able to use the Media:TexttoSpeech inside of HA, what exactly do I need to install?

Sorry if this is basic but having read through multiple threads and websites and watching videos, they assume I have more knowledge than I do about HA.

Thanks for any help,