What type of switch?

I am fairly new to Home Assistant and “Smart Home” in general, so please excuse me if my question may be dumb :sweat_smile:
Currently I am setting up a Homematic IP System in my home. Therefore I use actors to control the light in my living room. Now I want to add a light switch in the other corner of my living room, but I don’t really get these switches. Is there any switch that I can install without needing to drill a hole in my wall, that I can connect to Home Assistant? The only options i seem to find are “Friends of Hue” switches, but they are pretty expensive.
It would be awesome if there would be a double-switch which are compatible to my Gira System 55 switches. I don’t care if they use Batteries or anything, I just don’t want to drill a hole in my wall.

I hope you can help me finding a nice switch :slight_smile:

Aqara switches those are zigbee and use bateries as far i know

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+1 one the Xiaomi switches, can also highly recommend the Hue Dimmer Switch and Ikea Tradfri remote and switches.