What's the break sequence?

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place but I just installed Advanced SSH & Web Terminal. Super cool to see a familiar blinking cursor here!

So I run the command ‘top’. Cool. But now I can’t break out of it. I have tried:

  • CTRL + c
  • Command + c
  • CTRL + x
  • Command + x
  • Command + .
  • CTRL + .

I restarted the Addon and got the cursor back but there has to be a more elegant way to break no?

How about just pressing the q (for quit)

That works! I had tried ESC amongst other combinations with no luck.

Though it felt like ‘q’ maybe related to top itself rather than a system break. No man pages loaded for top but Google is able to confirm that I usually crtl-broke out of top using a system break rather than a command. Old habits.

So q is definitely good to know, though I still donno the system break. Hmmm