Where are configuration files for integrations? (Specifically Octoprint)

I have two instances of OctoPi running on one Raspberry Pi. Home Assistant found one and set it up without any help. I wasn’t even expecting it to show up. Everything on that first instance is fine, including the webcam used by that instance. It took some work to get HA to find the 2nd instance of OctoPrint on that Pi. Turns out once I changed the UUID in /home/pi/.octoprint2/config.yaml to a unique UUID instead of it being the same as the one in the first instance, then rebooted the Pi running OctoPi, HA found it right away.

The problem is it knows there’s a camera there, but there’s no stream from it in HA. (There is in OctoPrint, though, so I know the stream is good.) My first instance of Octoprint uses port 5000 as the main port and 5001 as the port for the webcam. I also have haproxy configured to provide URLs without port numbers for both instances and both webcams. The 2nd instance is at port 5010 and the webcam for that instance is at port 5011.

I suspect the issue is that the OctoPrint integration is expecting my camera on that 2nd instance to be at port 5001 or some similar issue. I’d like to get a close look at the configuration for the Octoprint integrations on HA. That’s in a .yaml or .json file somewhere, isn’t it? I’ve used the terminal plugin on HA and used grep to try to find “Octoprint” in my config files. I can’t.

Where can I find the configuration files for integrations - specifically the OctoPrint integration?

(Or if there’s a setting I can quickly find and modify in the HA UI, I’m up for that as well. I just want to be able to see the 2nd webcam on my 2nd printer through HA.)

Hey there, I am searching for the YAML File too. Were you able to find it?