Where are phone attributes documented? (eg "interactive")?

I’m pretty new to HA, but have good experience in general.
I’ve been searching docs, community, etc… and have not found where the attributes of various devices are documented.

Question: What am I missing? Where is that info hiding?

Or perhaps that’s an HPDL? (Hard Part, Do Later) :joy:

My specific instance is “Interactive”… it goes on and off for my phone, but I have no idea what it means.

Open the Android companion app, Settings, companion app, sensors. Scroll to see all of them - interactive is there among them. Click on it. There’s a short “descriptive” line saying: Interactive it is on when the device is in an interactive state. Wouldn’t have guessed that one. :crazy_face:

But hey: top right there’s an icon: if you click it there’s more. Just learned myself I like this sensor more than the one I was using to check if my kids are only pretending to sleep.

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The documentation is actually pretty good

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Mine simply says “Interactive: True” right now. No explanation for any of the sensors.

But YES – HOORAY! The help has a table of sensors with brief description, and down below a longer explanation.

For my particular item (“Interactive State”)… yeah, I’m curious how well it knows whether I’m interacting or not. Certainly, screen-on is not a useful predictor for me. But I bet screen touches might be.

Anyway… yep, that document is where the info I need is found. AND for the future, the following Google search brings it right up: home assistant “interactive sensor”

AND, at the top-right of that page is a search tool that works nicely. Entering “interactive” brings me directly to what I want.

The interesting bit: one must recognize in advance that this sensor is tied to the Companion App, even though the information is integrated into the whole HA ecosphere.

Maybe I forgot to say to click on it. Then you get a screen for that sensor alone. The icon takes you to the docs. I thought this would help you find it easier for other sensors too. Plus I really liked making fun of the non descriptive description, that simply uses the same word again. That happens a lot.

So far I was looking at device locked to see if some one was using the phone, but that is only updated once per 15 mins. Interactive is immediate.