Where are z-wave device data stored?

I have a raspberry Pi with an Aeotec Z Stick and some z-wave window covers. Not sure if it matters but I configure Z wave stuff through the front end GUI, not through the configuration.yaml file. If I follow the documentation to add Z-wave devices through HA’s GUI (Z Wave Control Panel), would the network info be stored in Home Assistant or would it be stored on the Z Stick? Wondering if I reinstall HA, would I need to re-add every Z wave device or would my Z Stick remember everything about the Z wave network?

For Z-Wave all the pairings are stored on the stick, not in Home Assistant.

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I have a Husbzb-1 stick and some Inovelli dimmer switches. I would like to get the power consumption data from the switches. Is there a way to do that?