Where can I change the flash mode from esphome

Where can I change the flash mode from esphome.
I use esp32 cam aithinker esphome use dio to flash them but that doesn’t work I need to change that to qio.
But I can’t find it anymore.
I already did this before in the old version it works great.


Mine flashes without this.

wich board do you use?


Hello @MakkeLeon and @nickrout and @jan.mob i have the same problem, did you found a solution please?

I received 4 new esp32-cam Ai thinker and i dont make it work with esphome.

I works with IDE arduino in qio mode only. In DIO mode, reset in loop…

Thanks for your response…nobody understand the problem, i just understand and search and you have the same problem :wink:

I’m sorry but I didn’t found a solution.
I think just downgrade home assistant in the old one I found a way to change dio to gio.
But you can try esphome Dev that sometimes works fine.
Make sure your current is good.

It works out of the box for me.

Hi guys! @jan.mob @nickrout

i finally get it work! i put my USB-to-TTL in a USB port of the Pi and restart addOn and upload the binaries without any issue…upload faster than on my PC…connecting straight after reboot…

Dont understand why the “EspHomeFlasher way” on my PC doesnt work anymore…

For those who will have this problem :