Where can I find the OpenSSH addon settings location for autostart?

hi, so I installed hass.io twice now and for some reason my samba is restarting but not my openSSH on reboot.

So I am thinking its not properly saving it and I was wondering where those settings are stored so I can change it in the config file itself.

thanks in advance.

I’ve noticed that most of the add-ons are flaky about auto starting at one time or another. Not sure why, but I have not been able to rely on them. Good question to keep probing.

Very weird. I am running hassio on a Rpi 3 and never have an issue with Open SSH, Samba or the configuration - all 100% auto start. Let’s Encrypt and the check home assistant configuration don’t. But I guess they don’t need to and it’s by design.

I’m also on a RPI 3. All Add-ons are working fine and also ar autostarting except the SSH-Addon. Restarting the PI never brings up the SSH-Addon. What am i doing wrong?