Where do I find "Add-ons, Backups & Supervisor" in settings menu?

I see many people accessing this for tweeking things but cannot enable it. Is it supposed to be available on the current version feb’23 on pi? I have enabled “Advanced Mode” enabled for my admin user.


Hi @labtopia

The information you have may be out of date. Most of what you want is under Settings.

These other features you are looking for might also only be available in certain types of HA installations. I think you need either ‘Supervised’ or the full OS to get everything on offer.
What kind of installation are running?

the HA from the raspberry pi imager option. I think I found it, it was the hardware in the 3dots on the PI hardware tab I was looking for. Im finding it a bit confusing as it seems many HA users are POWER users and do a lot of custom configuration… I am getting started and most of the integrations I am using are in main sytem repository or HACS. I’m still learning to navigate the manual yaml code and the system files through terminal for customization. I