Where do I find the configuration file

I am pulling my hair out. Where is my configuration.yaml file. I have tried all the suggestions with no success surely this should be just a menu item from the Home Assistant app.

go to Developer Tools (left menu bar) and there it will show you the path to your config file.

Developer Tools, under the Info tab specifically.

My guess is that you have a “hidden” .homeassistant folder and it’s in there.

The physical path depends on how you installed HA


Thanks, I’ve found it under “/.homeassistant/.homeassistant/configuration.yaml”. It’s hidden but I’ve managed to get in with nano and edit it.
I’m a bit of a newbie and seem to forward 2 steps and back 1, but I’ll get there.

Thanks very much.

You can find how to edit the configurationfiles on
using the Home Assistant file editor You can install it from the Home Assistant add-on store. After install the config files can be opened clicking the map icon