Where is Hassio on the Sd Card? Need to reinstall backup


yesterday i ran into a non-bootable SD card, at least i think i did, since Hassio never came back to me and i can not ssh or smb into the card over the network. The PI is not available on the network.

I can read the SD on card reader, but no Hassio install can be found, only the resin-boot files are displayed.

Where can i find the Hassio install? Is there any documentation on what’s on the SD Card ? Ive downloaded the RPi Hassio image and have several manually made backups. But i’ve no idea where to put these reinstalling…


Sounds like you’ve mounted the SD card to a Windows operating system. You need to mount the SD card to a Unix (OSx, Ubuntu, etc) based operating system to see the rest of the partitions.

that might well be possible :wink: i connected the reader to my Mac, because i couldn’t reach the Pi3 any longer through SMB or SSH…

Can you see the extra partitions now?