Where is the metadata for backups stored?

Where is the metadata for backups stored?
Specifically, I see that the backup tar files themselves are by default stored in backups.
However, the name of the tar file is as follows: <8-hex numbers>.tar
Clearly, there must be a database or registry file where the user friendly names of each backup together with other metadata like the size, date backed up, etc are stored.

However, I couldn’t find the location by looking through the dump of home-assistant_v2.db (or any of the .storage registry files) although there is event data on some of the backups in the sqlite database.

So where is the full metadata for the list of saved backups stored?

i’m not sure that’s stored in a separate database. if you open up the tar file, there’s a backup.json that has the metadata in it.

That may be true of the Settings->System->Backups display as it contains very little metadata and appears to even get the size just from listing the files (I verified by modifying one of the tar files). (Interesting though that backup.json has zero for all its size elements).

However, the Home Assistant Google Drive Backup add-on appears to have other metadata stored in its docker container under /data
However, I still can’t find where it stores the “size” of the backups since the size indicated in the add-on is not the same as the file size, so it must be stored somewhere…

Ah, didn’t realize you were asking about Google drive backup. I’m not too familiar with it. But if if you are interested in specifically the size, may not be hard to grovel the addon code in git

looking at the google drive backup code here: hassio-google-drive-backup/hassio-google-drive-backup/dev/simulated_google.py at 3d3f94057abe32fac97b7241ae9d8a4ec90efc01 · sabeechen/hassio-google-drive-backup · GitHub

i think the size information is being queried from google drive itself asking for the storage size it reports for the uploaded data.