Where NUT add-on has gone?

Hello! I used this add on on my Pi, now started on Nuc and there is no NUT add on anymore. I found this, and there is no add ons at all
Where they deleted? How can I connect my APC now to monitor if electricity was gone?

they are both custom components, you would have added them yourself

there is the NUT sensor thats built in, is that of any use.

My UPS do not connect to router so I use cable to connect UPS and Nuc. That is why I need that add on
I added it by myself, but there is only one add-on (there were two).

You need to add the repository back, go to the addon store tab and paste in the URL.

I did exactly that
I copied the link “https://github.com/colindunn/hassio-addons” and added in the hassio/add-on store - repositories. After that I found new add-on, but there should be two of them (influxDb and NUT)

I found another solution

It’s a part of the edge repository: