Where to get soundfiles for my home

Hi guys
I finally got a speaker connected to HA; TTS works as expected.
Now I’d like to get some nice notification sounds; I’m thinking about things that won’t give me a jumpscare and might inform me something is happening.
F.e. at the start of an automation I could play a little ding saying something is going to happen.

What’s a good website for getting these kind of files? I don’t feel like downloading virusses or spending ages sifting through millions of sounds.
Is there something like material design icons, but for sounds?

Pick a soothing voice and use text to speech (tts).

That was my idea; but my kids dislike it. It gives them a jumpscare when I send them a message after school saying they need to do homework :smiley: .
So I’d rather have a something that starts softly and builds up.

As for myself, I’m not to keen on letting my home have a voice. my home is an object and objects don’t talk (I guess I’m oldfashioned)

We (myself and my wife) we love it, and I’m also oldfashioned … well, mostly old :slight_smile: