Where to go SmartShopping in LA / US?

Hi all,

I am travelling to US (LA and San Diego) in few weeks time, and thought about getting some gear for my HA while there. Saves me a lot of shipping fees… Any good Smart home retailers in LA/San Diego worth visiting? Maybe some good cam/Shelly/Sonoff retailers who understand HA also?

I am using HA with Rpi4 and hass.io, thinking about installing Motion Eye for the cams. First two cams are for indoor use to test how I get camera integrations to work, since my HA is in very early stages. Will add 3-4 outdoor cams later on, and at that time will try to install some CAT6 cables for POE cameras. So no cabling available for now.

I am thinking about buying few Wyze cams (Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless 2 pack $47.41) from Amazon or Home Depot, but should I still consider Amcrest over Wyze for some specific reason, even they are about double the cost (Amcrest 2-Pack ProHD 1080P WiFi Camera 2MP $84.99)? Main use would be to monitor doorways and garage when movement detected or doors opened, not constant live feed.

Any good ideas for me to think about?

I hate to say it, but Home Depot or Lowes might be your best bets to find smart home products. If you go to Home Depot to pickup some Wyze Cams, you should seek out their clearance shelves. They have a couple near the restrooms in my store. I lucked out and found a clearance box of Phillips Hue white bulbs once.

Amazon is likely to be your best bet. If at a hotel see if you can ship to the hotel. Most wont mind. If staying with family/friends, see if they have prime.

Amazon has free shipping over $35, just be aware of the shipping time.

Already checked there is Amazon pick up box near our hotel, so can get free delivery there.

Just thought if there would be a shop somewhere to go ”shopping” while the girls are out doing the same… :grin:

Already vhecked out HD website, might just go and have a look for any good deals.

Check out Frys:


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Good thought, i forget about those drop/pickup boxes.

Another spot is bestbuy. If you find something, open the amazon app, scan the barcode and if the price is lower they should price match for you.

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Thanks for the tip!

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