Where to put requirements (files that are downloaded by components)?

Hi. I fixed a couple of issues with the “russound_rnet.py” component, under media_player, which I have been able to use with Hassbian, but would like to be able deploy them manually to Hassio while I get them pulled into a release. The fix involves updating “russound_rnet.py” under “config/custom_components/media_player”. After some investigation I found a post that describes how to use the corrected code without having to mess the virtual image in Hassio. Unfortunately, “russound_rnet.py” has a REQUIREMENTS = [‘russound==0.1.7’], which resolves to a file called “russound.py”, that is normally under “.homeassistant\deps\Python36\site-packages\russound”. Finding this file in Hassbian was easy, but I have not been able to locate this directory in Hassio. Can you guys help me, by telling me where this Requirement file should go in Hassio?

Thanks in advance.