Where to start with Automations, Scripts - Multi Point Switches

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With my house build completion nearing I need to start getting serious about bedding down my approach to light control. But just not sure on the nest starting point.

The way I see it my stage 1 plan of attack is to get a modular approach to lighting circuit control ;
I am fitting the house out with 4 Gang Switches, with some providing the direct relay for the given light circuit, while the others used as 2nd or 3rd switch points (eg Entry lights physically switched at Entry switch panel (SW-Entry-1-PhyEntry), virtually switch from the Livingroom switch panel (SW-Living-3-VirtEntry) or Gantry switch panel (SW-Gantry-3-VirtEntry) )

  • Ideally, I would like to setup a group for each circuit that I can simply add entities for that light circuit that will then mirror their state when actioned. eg
  • When SW-Gantry-3-VirtEntry Pressed
    – If group State was On then turn SW-Living-3-VirtEntry, SW-Entry-1-PhyEntry,SW-Gantry-3-VirtEntry) Off
    – If group State was Off then turn SW-Living-3-VirtEntry, SW-Entry-1-PhyEntry,SW-Gantry-3-VirtEntry) On

If I then add addition Virtual switch members I simply add them to the Group. or if I do any other automation with that light circuit I can simply reference the group.

I started looking at automations, then thought I should do scripts, then loaded up node red and thought I should ask how others approach these types of things.

Stage 2 will then be to add lighting scenes which in some cases will require the circuit to be turned on (so the group of switches), followed by a delay to allow those smart bulbs to come online, and then call the desired scene. So I feel like I can see the modules just unsure how best to build them so they can be easily maintained.

If it makes any difference my current setup is
SRL 4 Gang Switch running Tasmota
Kogan CCT Warm/Cool LED Spots Tasmota

Thanks in advance