Where to store media to play in Sonos Doorbell Automation via built-in webserver

I am following an Example in the documentation Sonos - Home Assistant for a simple doorbell.

the sample code is

service: media_player.play_media
  entity_id: media_player.sonos
  media_content_type: "music"
  media_content_id: ""

The last line of this shows the doorbell mp3 file accessed from the Home Assistant built-in webserver.

I believe that to access the local folder for the webserver i need to navigate to config/www/sound_files/

My problem is that in my config folder I do not have a www folder. (I have .cloud .storage blueprints deps and tts)

Should I just create a www folder or is there some addon or some setting that I should have that I am missing that will create this folder and other required parts?


Yes. This folder is not present by default. You have to create it. You also have to restart Home Assistant after creating it.

Thanks, that worked a treat