Which is best between esp32 or esp8266 to send sensor data to HA

Hi, I am a newbie here. I have been working withwireless temperature and humidity sensor. I want your suggestions, which one is better between esp32 or esp8266 to send this sensor data to HA.
Any leads will be a great help.

NodeMCUv3 with esp8266 works fine and is cheaper if that’s all you want to do with it :slight_smile:

esp32 is more powerful but is slightly more expensive. It has more flexible ports, touch, bluetooth and so forth.

Both work very well - in particular look at esphome.io.

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Wow I just clicked that link. Expensive device, I would only be looking at that if you really need it’s features such as range and robustness to weather. Otherwise you can build a wifi device from an esp for under 10% of that cost.

Hi, just get a ESP8266 and a DHT22 and wire them yourself. Even ESP8266 is overkill for that but it nearly costs nothing.
I prefer the ESP8266-7 but compared to NodeMCU devices you need some more parts to wire it and an FTDI for initial flashing.

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ESPHome is your best friend for this project. All you need is an ESP32 and a DHT temp/humidity sensor. Config in ESPHome is extremely simple and ESPHome supports OTA updates.

You don’t need that industrial device unless you need ridiculous range. Weather isn’t a huge issue, just buy a cheap project enclosure, cut a hole and add a grommet, then stick the sensor outside of the enclosure. After that, just use heat shrink tubing to close protect the wiring and caulk or hot glue to close up the grommet hole.

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